What’s her secret? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna has been keeping herself in shape for about 20 years. The soap opera legend, 55, looks pretty much half her age, and we’re dying to know what keeps her looking so youthful and healthy. Luckily for us, she told Life & Style exclusively about her intense wellness regimen. First things first: “You have to listen to your body,” Lisa says, which is, quite possibly, her most important piece of advice.

For Lisa, eating clean is huge, but you won’t catch her calling it the four letter word we all love to hate. “I don’t love to use the word ‘diet’ because if I do, I’ll want to eat ten times more,” Lisa admits. “Moderation is key.” We’ve all heard that before – it’s easier said than done sometimes, Rinna! Cut us a break! Speaking of moderation, she even considers herself “a dirty vegan.” “If I need to eat some meat [occasionally], I’ll have it.” Same thing goes for ice cream. On occasion, she’ll give in to those sugar cravings. “But if I had [some] every day, I’d feel awful!” She’s not wrong… ice cream tummy aches are the worst.

lisa rinna pink bikini

For Lisa, exercising is as much a part of the deal as eating clean – it’s integral to her wellness. “Working out is like brushing my teeth,” says the mom of two. “I have a really strong yoga practice. For my body type, it works really well.” Sticking with an exercise practice you enjoy can really be the key to making working out as much a part of your life as Lisa has. “I’ve tried every workout there is. Yoga keeps me balanced and sane.” But she switches it up every now and again. “I’ll also throw in a SoulCycle class or a hike.”

Ultimately, being so dedicated to eating clean and exercising is what keeps Lisa on track and feeling good. “I’m really consistent. Like, really!” If Lisa can make the choice to eat well and do yoga for 20 plus years STRAIGHT? Might take us some time, but we can too. Let’s hope we all look as stunning and healthy when we reach this sassy housewife’s age.

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