The kids of Vanderpump Rules have been through some serious ups and downs over the years — some in the work place, some in their friendships, and some in love. Former SUR bartender Jax Taylor has been through all three, but where he really succeeded was in his relationship with costar Brittany Cartwright. The couple got engaged during the first episode of season 7 and we’ve been dying for these two to make it official ever since. We’re definitely not the only ones — their friends are also totally ready for the couple to say their vows, because they know these two mean forever. When we asked Jax’s BFF and costar Tom Schwartz if he felt the duo is saying “I do” for the right reasons, he gave us the sweetest answer.

“Me personally, 100 percent,” he told Life & Style exclusively at the Los Angeles Travel Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards on February 19 in Hollywood. Not only does the 36-year-old bar owner feel like his pals are truly in love-love, but he also sees their story in his own with his now-wife and costar, Katie Maloney-Schwartz.

“Yes, unequivocally I feel like … of course no couple’s perfect,” he explained. “But just the way I see them talk to each other, and their day to day interactions, and granted I don’t see everything, but they just seem so genuinely happy and respectful of each other, and they’re in love.”

“Yeah, I mean, they came back from a lot, and I think stronger than ever,” he recognized the couple’s past struggles. “I can relate to that. Me and Katie went through it for many, many years. Off and on, we had separated a few times throughout our relationship, and we just kept working on our relationship, putting in work, and it doesn’t always work out that way, but I’m glad we put in the work, and I’m glad, because I’m happier than ever right now with Katie, too.”

Work and dedication to your relationship makes for happy couples — it’s that simple. We’re stoked for Jax and Brittany, but we’re also stoked for Katie and Tom, too. Gotta love that lovin’ feeling in the air, y’all!