Leading man Colton Underwood has flipped the script and is actually vying for contestant Cassie Randolph‘s heart during the final few weeks of The Bachelor. The California native is obviously gorgeous but she is also well educated. It’s no surprise the former football player is completely smitten!

The blonde beauty is currently working toward a graduate degree in speech pathology. Before she burst on the scene in Bachelor Nation, she appeared on a reality show called Young Once that profiled young people attending Biola University. It’s reasonable to believe that she’s still enrolled to complete her next degree.

Cassie and Colton Timeline
ABC/Rick Rowell

In case you were wondering, Colton doesn’t really care that she was on a different show with a different guy. “I mean, good for them if that was her relationship and she made the choice to go pursue another relationship and to come onto The Bachelor,” he told Us Weekly at the Bachelor: Women Tell All taping in Los Angeles. “I can only speak for my experiences and going on and stepping foot onto this franchise is one of the best things that I’ve ever done.”

Surprisingly, another contestant from the show Heather Martin also went to the same college as Cassie … and they ran within the same group of people. “We were friends with Cassie,” a source close to Heather revealed exclusively to Life & Style. They continued, “I know when Heather and Cassie saw each other for the first time [in the mansion] … I know Heather was very relieved to see her because it’s an overwhelming experience to go on that and they were friends.”

The source further explained, “They were never in the same circle of friends … I don’t think that they overlapped too much. But I would consider them friends.” We’re sure she was thrilled to see a familiar face in the sea of contestants on night one.