Do we hear wedding bells? Former Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher and her fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, are preparing to walk down the aisle, but they have one major detail to lock down. The starlet spoke exclusively with Life & Style and confessed that they are having trouble picking a venue — an all too common problem for engaged couples. The reality duo has been together for almost three years, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t take their time and make everything exactly how they want it.

“We have to find a venue first,” the 28-year-old divulged about their wedding checklist. They previously stated that they were hoping to have their nuptials in spring or summer, which means time is ticking down if they want to do it in 2020. “I can’t wait until nailing down that detail because once that detail is nailed down. Everything else can kind of happen after it, but I feel like it’s the hardest one — it’s finding your venue, setting the date. So, hopefully, we get there,” JoJo said.

They have been on the hunt for their perfect accommodations. Although they currently reside in Texas together, they are looking to tie the knot in Jordan’s home state of California. “We have a couple of different venues we’re looking at, different areas in California,” JoJo explained. “Based on what they have available, based on our schedules, we’ll set the date hopefully soon because we need to do that in like the next month. We know that it can’t be in the fall — so it’s going to be spring or summer which means I’ve got to get going because it’s not that far away!” The pair’s new CNBC show Cash Pad premieres on July 23, so they definitely have jam-packed schedules to work around.

Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher Wedding Details cash Pad
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JoJo and Jordan have a lot of balls in the air that they’re trying to manage. “There [are] so many things! It’s the wedding that’s coming up, we just bought a new home so we have a mortgage that’s about to come up. It’s starting a business together,” the brunette beauty dished about their partnership with Northwestern Mutual, which they’ve been using as their financial advisor to help plan their financial future and goals together. The reality babe admitted, “Finances [are] not always the easiest thing to talk about between couples, and so having an advisor with Northwestern Mutual and kind of just allowing that conversation to sort of kind of flow to her and ask all these different questions, definitely made it a lot more comfortable and seamless and definitely putting us in a really good place for when we get married.”

It’s amazing that the famous duo is getting all their ducks in a row before taking the plunge. One thing is for sure: JoJo is going to make the most beautiful bride.

Reporting by Diana Cooper.