Can someone please go check on Jessica Simpson? The singer posted a belly-baring photo on Instagram and she looks more than ready to have her third child. Considering she shared the gender reveal announcement back on September 18, it’s safe to say she’s about to pop literally any week now. We can’t wait for the arrival of her new daughter!

“Jess-station,” the 38-year-old hilariously captioned a photo of herself rocking big sunglasses and bikini top while showing off her pregnant belly. She already has two kids — Maxwell, 6, and Ace, 5, — so she’s no stranger to the ~miracle~ of giving birth. She’s due this spring, so we could be meeting her bundle of joy sooner than later.

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Fans have been loving the pop star’s realness about her pregnancy journey. One person commented, “Pregnancy is so hard for some of us. Thank you for posting [Jessica Simpson] you’re amazing. My baby is due June and I already feel like I can’t breathe.” Someone else added, “Omg Jessica … been there … feel for you!” The blonde beauty looks pretty uncomfortable but she’s a total trooper.

Another follower joked that Jessica can use these snaps to remind her new addition just how hard she worked to get her here. They said, “Keep taking pictures so sweet Birdie can see what she did to you.” Back in January, the “Irresistible” singer posted a slew of pictures from her baby shower and gave a huge clue about what she’ll be naming her new daughter. A neon sign read “Birdie’s Nest” in the background and it’s such a sweet moniker. People are obviously already having fun calling the baby by her name.

The Dukes of Hazard star has shared all the ups and downs of an expectant mother. She’s suffered a bout of bronchitis, incredibly swollen ankles and even confessed that she broke her own toilet seat. “Warning … don’t lean back on the toilet when pregnant,” she captioned a photo on February 13 of herself holding a toilet seat.

We’re sure you’re not the first person this happened to, Jess. Hang in there!