A preview for Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette shows her coming face-to-face with an ex amid her journey to find love on the show.

“This morning someone from my past flew all the way here,” Jenn tells the other men. “He wants to be with me and he wants to join this journey.” Now, viewers are dying to know the identity of this mystery man.

Who Is Jenn Tran’s Ex on ‘The Bachelorette’?

Jenn’s ex who shows up on The Bachelorette is Matt Rossi, according to Reality Steve. Matt seemingly hinted at his involvement in the show during the season 21 premiere on Monday, July 8, when he posted a photo of his dog to his Instagram Story with the caption, “‘Can we change the channel?’”

Matt is a digital creator who lives in Boston with his dachshund dog, Kirkland. He creates social media content under the handle @themattyrossi and often posts videos from his dog’s point of view. He also works as a brand manager at Boston Beer Company, according to LinkedIn. Matt attended the University of Michigan and graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

In December 2023, before season 28 of The Bachelor aired with Jenn as a contestant, she filmed a TikTok video where she told a story about an ex indirectly helping her get into physician assistant school. While she didn’t name the ex’s identity, she revealed that he posted TikTok videos with his dog and referred to him as “wiener boy” in the clip.

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As season 28 of The Bachelor was airing in early 2024, Matt confirmed that he was, indeed, wiener boy and then tried to shoot his shot to win Jenn back with social media videos.

When Did Jenn Tran and Matt Rossi Date?

Jenn and Matt dated in 2021 while she was living in Boston. They met on Hinge. Matt shared their story in a February 2024 TikTok video, where he spoke from the point of view of his dog.

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Matt referred to himself as a “24-year-old f–kboy” at the time he met Jenn on Hinge. “He found this really cute, sweet girl named Jenn, totally out of his league,” Matt said, as Kirkland. “Somehow she gave him a chance, they hit it off and started dating. Things started to heat up, then got pretty serious and Jenn was ready to settle down with her person. But my dad just wasn’t there yet. He was still, as I said, a f–kboy.”

At the end of the video, Matt returned to speaking in the first person and added, “If you’re not Jenn, you can just keep scrolling now. Yo, did you change your number?”

In her December 2023 video, Jenn said she was “completely head over heels in love with” Matt when they dated and admitted to being in “shambles” after he broke up with her. After the split, Jenn took a spontaneous trip to Miami with her friend and fell in love with the city, which led her to apply to one PA school there. She wound up getting rejected from every other school except that one and credits “wiener boy” with putting her on the path towards her future.

Are Jenn Tran and Ex Matt Rossi Still Friends?

Jenn and Matt are still on good terms. When she told her “wiener boy” story on TikTok, she shared the video on Matt’s birthday and urged her followers to wish him a happy birthday. She also captioned her video, “Wiener boy will always have a special place in my heart.”

The two also follow each other on Instagram and Matt mentioned that they “stayed friends” when he opened up about their breakup.

When Does Jenn Tran’s Ex Come on ‘The Bachelorette’?

Reality Steve reported that Matt arrives on Jenn’s season during episode 4 when the group is in New Zealand. However, he said that Jenn does not end up letting Matt stick around, as that chapter of her life is behind her.