Better luck next time! Peter Weber sent home 3 women during the second ceremony on the Monday, January 13, episode of The Bachelor. Last week, the 28-year-old had 30 women vying for his heart, but he had to send 8 contestants home. Keep reading to see who was eliminated. Warning: Spoilers for episodes one and two are below!

This time around, Peter sent home Lauren, Payton and Courtney after a crazy week, but Peter still has 19 women left — and one of them might even be his wife.

First, Peter took some of the girls to see if they could make it as a pilot during last week’s episode. In the end, Kelley won the challenge, but many of the other women were not happy with her since she apparently cheated. Ultimately, Peter took her in his plane, and they shared a sweet moment. After Kelley returned to the hotel following her date, the group of girls confronted her about what went down, but she was at a loss for words. “I didn’t know the rules were going to be extremely strict,” she said.

Peter Weber on the Bachelor

But trouble stirred as Kelley interrupted another girl’s conversation, despite already having some one-on-one time. The two — who met before the show — reenacted their meet-cute at the exact same hotel they bumped into one another. Additionally, the brunette beauty was the one to get the date rose.

Later on, Peter took Madison on a one-on-one date where he introduced her to his parents and family — already — after they renewed their vows at his house. Naturally, the brunette babe bonded with Peter’s mom, Barbara, and even caught the bouquet.

The two had some time to chat after the nuptials. “I feel like I have known you my whole life,” she said. “How I felt so comfortable with your family and friends, too. It felt like home, which is weird to say.” Peter added, “What we just did earlier today was the ultimate date. I could tell you were on the same page as me.” Naturally, the two shared a smooch and danced to a performance by Tenille Arts.

After the whole Hannah Brown drama went down, the former flames decided to say goodbye, so Peter was able to spend more time with his ladies. On the group date, he gave the rose to Sydney. At the mansion, the leading man was able to snag some time with Madison, Hannah Ann, Mykenna and Lexi. However, after Hannah Ann drank Kelsey‘s special champagne, there was a lot of back and forth before the rose ceremony. In the end, both ladies were safe.

Peter Weber Ladies

Buckle up — it’s going to be one hell of a ride!