Not over? Bachelor host Chris Harrison confessed exclusively to Life & Style that he felt “something” between Peter Weber and Hannah Brown during their emotional conversation, which fans saw during the season premiere on January 6. During their talk, the former Bachelorette star admitted that she has regrets ending things with the pilot “all the time,” and he revealed that there was a part of him that wanted her to “come back in” the house. The Bachelor Nation host divulged behind-the-scenes details about the reunion between the exes and yep, it was as dramatic as it looked.

Chris revealed that he didn’t sense Hannah, 25, and the 28-year-old’s strong chemistry “right out of the limo” but later it became undeniable. “That was more of a sweet sincere moment when she gave the wings back. It was really at the date later when they kind of had this, wow, something is going on here,” the 48-year-old explained at the California Strong Celebrity Softball Game on January 12. “That conversation wasn’t supposed to take place. She was just supposed to be on the date, and it was going to be fun, a little awkward because she was back. But it wasn’t supposed to be all of that.”

Hannah Brown and Peter had Something Between Them on The Bachelor
ABC/Eric McCandless

He noted that “no one asked” for the exes to air their dirty laundry or find closure, despite the former beauty queen receiving some backlash that she was messing with Peter’s head.

“Honestly, I think it was fair. It was all raw, organic and honest,” Chris added about their talk. “It wasn’t like she was trying to do something or he was trying to do something. It was just something that organically happened. Honestly, I think it was good. It was something, clearly, they needed to resolve and get over this hurdle before anybody could move on. I think it was kind of cathartic, to be honest.”

Peter also agreed that the tough sit down with Hannah was an important part of his journey to find love. “Even though that conversation wasn’t planned, it needed to happen and the hardest part for me was just struggling with the fact that I knew I had amazing women that just showed up,” he divulged to Life & Style and other reporters during the ABC Winter Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour on January 8. “I still didn’t have any feelings yet for anyone. It was too soon to really have any legit connection … So it was awkward, it was uncomfortable, but it needed to happen. And I was very lucky that the women were understanding. So, it had to happen.”

We can’t wait to see what’s next!