Shut down! Bachelor contestants and   denied dating rumors after they claimed they “found love” after competing together on Peter Weber‘s season. Alexa, a Chicago-based esthetician, released a statement after “getting a lot of questions.”

“We don’t want to mislead anyone. Jay and I are not dating,” the Bachelor Nation star wrote on her Instagram Story on March 3. “She’s one of my best friends. I’m sorry to get your hopes up! That would be a great story.”

Bachelor Contestant Alexa Caves Denies Dating Rumors With Jasmine After Peter's Season on Instagram Story
Courtesy of Alexa Caves

The ladies thought the romance rumblings would “blow over,” and Alexa confessed that they simply “didn’t think much” about the “cute caption.” Although they’re not romantically involved, there’s still a lot of love between them. “Jay is beautiful, kind, down to earth and also very straight. Here’s to our friendship,” Alexa concluded her statement with a clinking glasses emoji.

Rumors first started swirling on March 1 after Jasmine shared a photo of the two ladies holding hands on Instagram. “Spoiler: We did find love after all,” the caption read. Fans were definitely here for the idea of the two contestants finding a relationship after filming.

“If this is real, I am 110 percent ready to stan,” one comment read. “This is about the only thing we’re excited about from this season,” someone else gushed. “I wholeheartedly stan like WOW,” another user added.

Clay Harbour Calls Alexa Caves and Jasmine Nguyen Fave Couple

Bachelor in Paradise alum Clay Harbor also fueled rumors on his Instagram Story. “My favorite #BachelorNation couple,” he captioned a photo of the two ladies.

Alexa and Jasmine seem like super sweet women, but we can’t say the same for all of Peter’s contestants. exclusively admitted to Life & Style that he thinks “a lot of” the pilot’s contestants have the “title” of villain this season.

“I don’t know if there’s just one that stuck out as being the villain,” the show host noted. Between , the slew of  and ‘s , there was a lot of craziness during season 24.

It seemed like an especially catty season of The Bachelor, but it looks like strong friendships were still formed through all the drama. Who knows what next season will bring!