It seemed like the perfect date for Clay Harbor when The Bachelorette Becca Kufrin announced the NFL star would be competing in the “Becca Bowl” — but the 30-year-old tight end suffered a season-ending injury while playing quarterback in the group date. So what happened to Clay on The Bachelorette? Right after he scored a touchdown, it was revealed he broke his wrist and requires immediate surgery.

“I feel like I might need to leave early, but you guys know how rare Becca is,” he said on the show. “I can definitely say that this decision is the hardest decision of my life. She’s the type of girl I’ve been looking for my whole life.” Sadly, Clay decided to leave the show so his injury wouldn’t be career-ending. “Trust me, I want to stay and see where this goes, but I know what I have to do and I regret it already,” he explained to Becca between tears. “I’m going to miss you.”

Unfortunately, Clay wasn’t the only contestant to get hurt on tonight’s episode. Chicken Suit David was also rushed to the hospital after falling off his bunk bed and landing on his face. However, David is planning to return to continue competing for Becca’s final rose. Or as Becca would say, “Do the damn thing.”

So, what else is there to know about Clay — who we hope makes his big return to Bachelor in Paradise? Keep reading below for what we discovered by (low-key) stalking the cutie.

Who team does Clay play for?

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Clay was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010, and has played with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New England Patriots, and more recently, the New Orleans Saints. Currently, he is a free agent. However, he’s more than just a football player. According to his ABC bio, he loves hip-hop music and country music, and is “a true gentleman who doesn’t even curse.” He is also a self-proclaimed historian.

He’s a mama’s boy!

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Great night with my favs!

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Viewers were introduced to Clay’s family during the premiere episode of The Bachelorette, including his mom. His family is also featured a lot on his Instagram page, which is definitely a good sign. “Great night with my favs,” he captioned a photo with his mom and grandmothers.

What is Clay’s net worth?

Over the course of his nine-year NFL career, Clay has landed more than one six-figure contract, earning over $8 million. In 2015, he was paid $1.45 million from the Jaguars and in 2017, his salary was listed as $900,000, per Over the Cap.

He looks good shirtless.

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Vitamin D is key 🔑 #mixedkidsneedsuntoo

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All those years on the football field have definitely paid off. Stay strong, Clay!

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