Honesty hour! Bachelor host Chris Harrison thinks “a lot of” Peter Weber‘s contestants have the “title” of villain this season, he exclusively tells Life & Style. “I don’t know if there’s just one that stuck out as being the villain,” he notes. Whether it’s Hannah Ann Sluss stealing Peter three times during the first night, Champagne-gate, the slew of beauty queens fighting or Victoria Fuller‘s shady hometown dateBachelor Nation‘s head is spinning from all the drama this season.

The 48-year-old teases that the opinions of viewers “may change” as the pilot, 28, heads into overnight dates with Hannah Ann, Victoria F. and Madison Prewett. “We’ll see as this season [winds] up if someone really kind of takes that title,” says Chris while promoting his partnership with , which debuted  for Valentine’s Day featuring Chris and Ben Higgins.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett The Bachelor Sitting and Smiling Together

The ladies on Peter’s season have been polarizing — to say the least — with many fans saying that they dislike all the contestants. “I think you have to give it time,” explains the ABC personality, while noting that “things really change” after Peter picked his final four. “You know, I think some of the controversy and some of that stuff will fade away as we really get deeper and deeper into these relationships,” he says.

Chris notes that contestants will be shown in a different light now that Peter is getting “away from the superficial” aspects of his relationships and digging into more “serious” stuff. 

Season 24 is getting down to the wire, and the pilot eliminated Kelsey Weier after hometown dates on February 17. “I am so sorry. I know you probably didn’t see that coming at all,” he told the former Miss Iowa. “You have been someone that has been so honest with me since the very beginning, and you deserve for me to be the exact same way for you. Believe me, when you told me that you loved me, that meant the world to me, but I wasn’t there.”

Bachelor Peter Weber Crying

However, things are heating up with the other contestants. He already told *both* Hannah Ann and Madison that he’s falling in love with them and gave a rose to Victoria, despite their rollercoaster romance.

We’ll just have to keep watching to find out!