Spoiler alert? Fans thought Bachelor star Peter Weber was on vacation with one of his current contestants Hannah Ann Sluss because of their similar social media posts on February 10, but it’s not how it exactly appears.

“We be on that island time,” the 28-year-old leading man wrote on his Instagram Story and geotagged Saint Croix in the Virgin Islands. The short clip showed him standing on a runway at the airport on a sunny day.

Bachelor Peter Weber Is on Island Time in Saint Croix Virgin Islands
Courtesy of Peter Weber Instagram

Meanwhile, around the same time, Hannah Ann, 23, shared a video of herself sipping a cocktail by the water. “Island time for me,” she captioned the serene moment. This crazy coincidence in location — and choice of wording — had fans panicked that the season had been spoiled.

Hannah Ann Is on Island Time With Cocktails in Georgia
Courtesy of Hannah Ann Sluss Instagram

Don’t worry, the Tennessee native later showed a landmark that read “Saint Simons Pier,” which is located on an island in Georgia. “So many childhood memories,” she wrote about the dreamy location.

Hannah Ann Sluss Bachelor on Vacation in Georgia
Courtesy of Hannah Ann Sluss Instagram

Peter is officially down to his final four contestants, as of the February 10 episode. Hannah Ann secured her place in hometowns after letting down her walls on a three-on-one date with Victoria Fuller and Kelley Flanagan. The model made a list of reasons why she’s falling for the Bachelor Nation stud, and he gushed that it was the “sweetest thing.”

Prior to their group date, Peter and Hannah Ann had a rocky one-on-one. “I’ve never met someone like Hannah Ann,” the California native said before the night portion of their date. “And tonight, I’m really excited to connect with her on an emotional level and on a deeper level and see why she does feel like she is really ready for this.”

However, she wasn’t quite able to give him the clarity he needed. “Do you mind if I ask you about previous relationships?” he inquired. “You had told me that you’ve never been in love before. Have you had a serious relationship?”

Hannah Ann and Peter Weber Three on One Date Bachelor

The Tennesse native said she “dated someone for about three and a half years,” but she “wasn’t in love.” After being pressed by the pilot if marriage is something she wants right now, she said, “This is what I want because I haven’t found that true love in my past, you know?” Peter removed himself from the conversation and was physically upset that she wasn’t able to deliver the feelings he was hoping for.

It seems like the two are in a much better place and time will tell what unfolds.