Next stop, hometowns! Bachelor star Peter Weber eliminated two women during the February 10 episode, which means his top four contestants are heading to hometown dates. Keep reading for full details on the latest episode in Lima, Peru.

Kelley Flanagan was sent home during the rose ceremony after a three-on-one date with Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller. Natasha Parker was sent home earlier in the episode during her one-on-one date, which secured Madison Prewett and Kelsey Weier‘s spot in Peter’s top four.

The episode started with Madison’s one-on-one date. This was her second opportunity for alone time since week 2. “It’s been a while now since we had quality one on one time so I can only imagine what today is going to do for us,” Peter admitted in a private interview. “I know Madi, she takes things slow, but we have natural chemistry.”

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett Kiss on The Bachelor

Their date went extremely well and ended with Madi getting a rose. Peter ended up dropping one of the biggest bombshells of the season. “I feel so good about you that I know I’m falling in love with you,” the leading man shockingly confessed.

Next up was Natasha’s one-on-one. Although the two get along great, Peter has spent the least amount of time with the New York native.

“I feel like we do have a really strong connection,” Natasha said when Peter pressed her about where her feelings stood. “I feel really, really good when I’m with you. I feel really safe when I’m with you, but I think it’s important for you to see those things in me too.”

Natasha One on One Date With Peter Weber

Peter agreed that he could see “potential” with their relationship, but unfortunately, it was a bit too late. “When I think about what I do want in my wife, Natasha has a lot of those qualities,” the pilot said in a private interview. “We get along really well, but I feel like it’s a friendship.”

In the end, the event planner did not receive a rose. “You’re so amazing, and I don’t know if I waited too long to give us that chance,” the leading man admitted.

“I hope you follow your heart and find what you’re looking for. I know I will,” Natasha said before heading back home.

At this point, it was one rose down, three to go. Kelsey scored the last one-on-one date and had an amazing time with Peter. They rode ATVs and shared a lot of laughs during the day portion, but then things took a serious turn over dinner. The former Miss Iowa shared details about her relationship with her estranged father and opened up about how that’s affected her and what she’s looking for in life. The pair really connected and she received the second hometown rose.

Kelsey Weier One on One Date With Peter Weber Dinner Smiling Together Bachelor

Then, things took an awkward turn with the three-on-one date. The mood was grim between Kelley, Victoria F. and Hannah Ann.

The model showed Peter a list of reasons why she cares about him. He had a rough conversation with Victoria about where their relationship stood but the Virginia Beach babe promised she wanted to keep working on things. Meanwhile, the Chicago-based lawyer told Peter that things don’t have to “hard” in a relationship and it can still be fun.

Kelley and Peter Weber Three on One Date Bachelor

Peter was concerned that Kelley’s feelings were deep enough and he was “holding on” to the moments they spent together before the show when they met in a hotel lobby.

Onto hometowns!