Rough waters? Peter Weber has a tense moment with Bachelor contestant Hannah Ann Sluss during the February 5 episode, according to the latest teasers. While the pilot and Tennessee beauty, who has been a frontrunner all season, sit down for dinner, he starts asking her tough questions about her past relationships and why she’s never been in love.

“I’ve never met someone like Hannah Ann,” he can be heard saying about the 23-year-old in the promo video obtained by Entertainment Tonight. “And tonight, I’m really excited to connect with her on an emotional level and on a deeper level and see why she does feel like she is really for this.”

Hannah Ann and Peter Weber One on One
Entertainment Tonight

“Do you mind if I ask you about previous relationships?” the 28-year-old inquires as he and Hannah Ann sit for a romantic meal. “You had told me that you’ve never been in love before. Have you had a serious relationship?”

The model reveals that she “dated someone for about three and a half years,” but she “wasn’t in love.” This tidbit from her romantic life seems to concern the California native, who has made it clear that he wants a wife. “Do you 100 percent feel like this is what you want?” Peter asks. After Hannah Ann claims that she is in it for the long haul, he presses, “How are you so confident that this is what you want?”

ABC/Eric McCandless

The Bachelor Nation babe tries to calm Peter’s concerns. “This is what I want because I haven’t found that true love in my past, you know?” she explains. However, this didn’t seem to be enough of what he was looking for. “I just … I can’t,” Peter says exasperated before getting up from his seat. “Excuse me for one second. I’ll be right back.”

Hannah Ann has been a clear frontrunner since receiving the first impression rose during night one. He even defended her outside the show after  and  compared her to  star ‘s problematic contestant  on the “” podcast on January 7.

“Hannah Ann was someone that … That girl knew exactly what she wanted coming into this and never let me question that,” Peter admitted to the former Bachelorette babes. “And I literally mean that from the beginning. She was the first person to steal me away for the first conversation. She was the first kind of normal kiss. Not from like the first entrances. We clicked immediately.”

Time will tell what’s in store for Peter and Hannah Ann.