Trouble in ~Paradise~? Demi Burnett admitted that the relationship of her Bachelor in Paradise costars Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski has definitely been rocky since they got engaged during the finale, which aired on September 17. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering that Katie didn’t even wear her Neil Lane diamond ring on the aftershow — although she did slide the sparkler back on after he promised to try harder. However, it doesn’t seem like the queen of Paradise is convinced quite yet.

“You know, honestly, at this point, I’m worried about Chris and Katie. I know that Katie is an optimist and she sees the good. She gets glimpses of the good parts of Chris, but I think that Chris needs to step it up, like, if he wants to keep her,” Demi explained to Ellen DeGeneres during an interview on September 20. “And I think that she needs to, you know, tell him to step it up — and I know that she is. But, you know, honestly, it’s like … couple’s counseling. It’s not a negative thing.”

KATIE MORTON, CHRIS BUKOWSKI Getting Engaged on Bachelor in Paradise
ABC/John Fleenor

Katie and Chris confessed that their relationship was going through some hardship during their sit down with Chris Harrison on the ABC aftershow. The reality babe admitted that she was “exhausted” from her romance with the show veteran and her “tank was empty.” Her man seemed upset later in the episode because he claimed he was caught off guard by her candid words, but he also couldn’t deny that things haven’t been smooth sailing since Mexico.

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton crying during Bachelor in Paradise Finale

“Relationships aren’t easy,” he said while holding Katie’s hand on stage. “I think we take things day by day and I think we do get better every day. It’s a roller coaster. It’s a lot in a short amount of time and we have a really good understanding for each other, but it’s definitely rocky.”

One big issue is that his ladylove divulged that she feels extremely “insecure” about their partnership. She said, “It’s just been really difficult for me to watch back because I thought I was going to watch back and see how in love with me you were, but I didn’t see that … I told you I wanted you. I wanted to be with you every day. I emptied my tank. I can’t speak for you and say you’re not giving effort, but I am giving so much.”

Chris promised her that things would be different. “I am capable of being that man, but [not] if you don’t believe I can be that man,” he said. Katie sweetly noted, “I would have never said yes if I didn’t believe. I have seen it. I get glimpses.”

The two are together for now, but time will tell the outcome of their relationship. Good luck, guys!