Former Bachelor leading man Colton Underwood and his current girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, are on a mission to prove that their friendship with his ex Caelynn Miller-Keyes isn’t weird. They’ve been spending a ton of time together, and the blonde bombshell even moved into the same apartment building as the former beauty queen in Los Angeles.

“I bought my girlfriend a bottle of wine and she’s sharing it with my ex. Sweet!” the 27-year-old tweeted on March 28. Cassie, 23, and 23-year-old Caelynn’s Instagram Stories quickly filled up with videos of the two enjoying the beverage while running between their apartments. It was so thoughtful for the reality stud to bring his lady a bottle of wine but the tweet came off a bit … awkward.

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“Which ex Colton? Let’s be specific you have 29 of them,” someone responded. Another fan added, “This is only something I would find normal on The Bachelor.” He received a few friendly reminders that the girls gushed about their friendship during the finale of the recent season. “Colton you were WARNED that you would have to share [Cassie] with [Caelynn] lmao this shouldn’t shock you,” a separate user joked. One follower summed up all our thoughts by writing, “Dude a little messed up, but damn funny.”

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When 30 women formerly competed to get engaged to your beau, it’s probably hard to not be friends with someone he’s dated. In addition, the former football player’s fence jumping shenanigans proved that Cassie is truly the only gal for him. Bachelor Nation is full of friendly exes so their cozy relationship isn’t that unexpected. It just seems like they are trying to convince people a little too hard.

Caelynn got very emotional about how surprised she was when she was sent home after Colton visited her family in Virginia. “It’s not easy to see. Feeling not loved back sucks and feeling like you’ve met your person and watching this back,” she said during the March 5 Women Tell All special. “It’s like each episode I am reassured that there was love there, and we were truly falling for each other. Hometowns couldn’t have gone better. How could we go from having the best time and having an incredible relationship to nothing?”

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She was able to confront the reality stud about the decision. “It’s no secret that our relationship was special and the safety that we had in one another with opening up, and sharing things with each other is something that I will always value and appreciate,” he told her. “Our breakup – I didn’t have anything to say.”

It seems like it’s all water under the bridge now. Welp, good luck, you three!