She’s in it for love! The newest Bachelorette star, Hannah Brown, is ~here for the right reasons,~ a source dished exclusively to Life & Style. The former beauty queen is taking her reality show journey very seriously and is fully committed to finding her person.

“Hannah is so ready for an engagement,” a source close to the 24-year-old revealed. The insider acknowledged that the Alabama native was hoping that Colton Underwood might be her guy but has learned a lot about herself through that her experience that makes her even better equipped to handle her own season now. They continued, “She went into the Bachelor ready to find love and even more so now she’s ready to open up, be vulnerable, and find her ‘one.'”

The southern beauty wants the real deal. “Hannah is a hopeless romantic and she’s looking for her perfect love story,” the source divulged which makes her a perfect addition to Bachelor Nation. “She really wants to get married and start a family.” We’ve already met her potential contestants and it looks like she has a great batch to choose from. Hopefully, one of these guys has what it takes to win her heart.

Hannah B Chris Harrison after the final rose with some contestants
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While she seems on the younger side compared to some of the other former Bachelorettes who were in their late 20s or early 30s, the source explained that a lot of her inner circle has already made those big steps. They said, “Everyone around her is either married or has kids so it’s something that she wants to have for herself.”

It sounds like she’s ready to take the reigns for her owns season. “I feel all the emotions but honestly, I am just really grateful for this opportunity,” Hannah told Chris Harrison during the finale aftershow when the big announcement was made. “My family has been really supportive of me and just they have made me who I am and so they trust me and love me and ultimately want me to have love too.”

Good luck, girl!