It’s time! Clare Crawley’s journey to find love on The Bachelorette kicks off on Tuesday, October 13, and already promises to be one of the most dramatic seasons ever. Create a fantasy league for season 16 with your friends or test your own eye for chemistry between the leading lady and contestants with Life & Style’s 2020 Bachelorette bracket. Save and print the bracket below to get the party started! 

Bachelorette Bracket Clare Crawley
ABC (32)

Season 16 was set apart from the get-go after filming was delayed for four months due to health and safety concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. Once filming picked up again in July, it was determined that the entirety of the season would be filmed at one location, the La Quinta Resort in California. 

One major difference viewers will see is all the exotic vacations that usually happen every season have been nixed. “The travel becomes part of the love story, so this was just very different,” Rob Mills, ABC Entertainment’s senior vice president of alternative series, told Variety in an interview published on October 13.

He explained, “It’s amazing to go to places you normally wouldn’t go with someone you’re falling in love with. These are once in a lifetime trips. That’s a big positive, so to have that taken away was tough. But on the other hand, these are the type of dates you would go on in real life, so it is more realistic.”

That being said, the exec noted that staying in one place offered a lot of positives when it came to Clare and her guys forming strong connections. “It kept people more focused. Without travel time and time zone changes, the guys who really wanted to be there for the right reasons were able to focus and figure themselves out, as well as their chemistry with the lead,” he continued. “There is something to be said here because the guys were really focused on the task at hand, which is Clare … There was no time to try to hide your emotions, so that makes for great TV.”

Focusing on love sounds perfect for the Sacramento native, 39, who knows what type of man she’s looking for. “I want somebody to love me for all the hard stuff that I’ve been through,” Clare said on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast with hosts Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay in June. “It’s been something that I’ve hidden for so many years, but until I’ve owned that part of my life and looked at the stuff I’ve been through as shame — to look at it as my superpower — and these are the things that have made the woman that I am today.

Good luck, Clare! If you just can’t wait for the full season, see spoilers here!