Yikes. Bachelor alum and current Bachelor in Paradise star Victoria Larson clapped back at Bachelor Nation alum Tammy Kay Ly after the fellow Bachelor in Paradise star shaded her on Thursday, August 12.

“Girl … go talk to boys,” Tammy, 26, commented on one of BIP‘s official Instagram posts, which featured a clip of Victoria, 28, making a decision to mingle with the other boys on the island in an effort to begin making romantic connections. The Los Angeles native replied to the post, “Passive aggressive much.”


Former Bachelorette contestant and BIP costar Noah Erb took the opportunity to jump into the thread and keep the peace. “Now now, ladies,” he commented while including a family with two moms and a child emoji. “We are all friends here.”

In the clip, the beauty and health entrepreneur asked Tammy, “Should we go talk to boys?” to which she replied, “Go talk to boys, who do you want to talk to?” Victoria then said, “I’m going to mingle and then try.” Some of the other islanders who were sitting with the Bachelor alums noted, “That’s good. That’s a plus.”

Victoria then explained in a confessional that she has a tactic she usually uses to get the attention of men she is interested in. “I’m a goddess and I need the guy to come to me,” she explained in the video on BIP‘s Instagram page. “Wait, did I tell you about the five-second rule? When you smile to initiate the guy to come over, you literally have to do five seconds and then you’d come over.”

She tried the approach on costars Joe Amabile, Brendan Morais and Kenny Braasch, but none of the guys took the bait. “My goddess energy didn’t quite kick in,” Victoria admitted at the end of the clip. “That seriously all sucked.”

The self-proclaimed “queen” first joined the Bachelor Nation family during season 25 of The Bachelor, where she competed for Matt James heart. However, she was eliminated during week 4 of the competition. For Tammy’s part, she vied for Peter Weber‘s love during season 24 of The Bachelor — but she was eliminated during week 6.

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