If you’ve been watching season 25 of The Bachelor, then you already know Matt James‘ contestant Victoria Larson is … a lot. On Night 1, the over-the-top brunette made it clear she’s willing to do whatever it takes to win over the leading man’s heart. Additionally, Victoria constantly refers to herself as a “queen,” but is she actually royalty? To learn about her job, hometown and more, keep reading. 

Victoria Larson is an entrepreneur:

According to the 27-year-old’s official ABC biography, Victoria isn’t a monarch. Instead, she has launched a number of businesses in the beauty and health space.

Victoria Larson is from Los Angeles:

The California girl is clearly a big fan of living in The Golden State. Victoria’s Instagram features tons of pictures at the beach, hiking, biking, shopping and other go-to L.A. activities.

Victoria Larson isn’t bothered by her villain status:

During episode 2, which aired on Monday, January 11, Victoria and contestant Marylynn Sienna had some serious drama. Based on what viewers saw, it appeared as though Victoria intentionally tried to make Marylynn, 28, look bad in front of Matt. However, there might be more to the story!

When Does Victoria Larson Leave 'Bachelor'? Going Home Spoilers
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“She’s feeling pretty good right now. She’s not letting all the hate get to her too much,” a close friend of Victoria’s told Us Weekly on January 15, adding that “it was a shock” for her BFF to see how ABC edited her spat with Marylynn.

“It’s a TV show. You come in and people play characters,” Victoria’s bestie added. “There’s supposed to be drama. It’s supposed to be entertaining. If you go on there and you’re the sweetest person on the planet, it doesn’t necessarily make for great TV.”

Victoria Larson wasn’t a “producer pick”:

Fans were confused to see Matt, 29, give his final rose to Victoria on Night 1. As a result, viewers were certain she wasn’t eliminated in order to stir up more drama in the episodes to come. That said, the former college athlete quickly shut down any speculation. “No, that wasn’t the case,” Matt assured during a virtual appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! following the premiere. “She was great. I really enjoyed Victoria.”

Victoria Larson was arrested in 2012:

In July 2021, Victoria was arrested after stealing $250 worth of items from a grocery store in Tallahassee, Florida, according to documents obtained by Life & Style.

Victoria, who was 20 years old at the time, was arrested at a Publix supermarket with 25 items in a bag concealed under the baby seat portion of her shopping cart. She was found guilty in court and charged with petit theft.

According to The Sun, Victoria accepted a plea deal and spent two days behind bars. Moreover, she was given six months probation, had to attend theft school and ordered to pay back hundreds of dollars in fees. Lastly, Victoria was barred from the Publix location she shoplifted from.

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