Too sweet! Riverdale star Camila Mendes gushed about her boyfriend, Charles Melton, who sounds like a total keeper. The couple confirmed their relationship back in October 2018 and have been going strong ever since. Recently, there have been rumors swirling that her hunky beau occasionally sends her handwritten love notes — and the 24-year-old confirmed his sweet gesture to ET on Monday, May 13.

“He does!” the actress divulged. “He’s a hopeless romantic for sure!”

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The brunette beauty attended the premiere of the 28-year-old’s new romantic drama, The Sun Is Also a Star, at the Pacific Theaters at the Grove in West Hollywood. “I feel like I’ve been hearing about this project since forever, so to finally see all of this come to fruition is a beautiful thing,” the proud girlfriend divulged.

The couple never misses an opportunity to support each other. In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week back in March, Camila shared a bit about her own past struggles. “Recovery doesn’t make people ‘too fat.’ Recovery makes people the way they were supposed to be, and much happier than they would’ve been with an eating disorder,” she began her lengthy post.

“About a year ago, I decided to stop dieting and chasing this idea of a body that I was conditioned to believe is the only acceptable shape,” the actress admitted. “I was never concerned with weight and numbers, but I cared a lot about having a flat tummy, no cellulite, and those ‘give that girl a sandwich’ arms that make you look slender from every angle.”

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The New Romantic star added that lessening the pressure on herself helped her feel better overall. “ALSO, I started allowing myself to make ‘bad’ choices. because those made me feel free, and like I wasn’t trapped in an unhappy lifestyle. Give yourself the freedom to make ‘bad’ choices. They do not make or break you. They do not define you,” she promised. “I was terrified of giving myself the freedom, of all the weight I could potentially gain. And, to be honest, after one year of not dieting, I pretty much look the same … I’m just healthier and happier.”

Charles sweetly responded, “You’re my superhero,” on Camila’s heartfelt post.

Keep being the cutest, you two!