You OK, dude? Bachelor in Paradise star Dean Unglert revealed that he’s had a “poisonous thistle” lodged in his hand for over a week and is using a banana as treatment. Yep, you read that right. The reality stud is extremely outdoorsy — he does live in a van, after all — and doesn’t seem too concerned about his injury. It seems as though the incident happened while on a camping trip in Sedona, Arizona with his girlfriend, Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

“Day 9 of having a posionous [sic] thistle stuck in my finger. Read online that banana peel is able to pull it out. C’mon banana gods!” the 28-year-old wrote on his Instagram Story to accompany a photo of his homemade remedy. The photo shows a chunk of a bright yellow peel wrapped around his middle finger with a thick shoelace. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you, Dean!

Courtesy of Dean Unglert/Instagram

Before camping, Dean and the Bachelor Nation babe jetted off to Hawaii for some fun in the sun and a wedding. It’s safe to say the two travel junkies are having a blast together. The former contestant on Rachel Lindsay‘s season of The Bachelorette exclusively dished to Life & Style that he and Caelynn’s “interests are way different,” but they have insane chemistry.

“She’s great. She challenges me. We have a lot of fun when we hang out together, and despite our differences, I guess that we enjoy each other’s company. And that’s what at the end of the day is important,” he explained during the iHeart Radio Music Festival in September. “In my opinion, we gotta hang out. We gotta have fun. We gotta laugh. You gotta smile. Yeah, we just enjoy it.”

They’ve only been together for just a few short months. Dean acknowledged that he’s a “person that values my space” and he’s happy living in the present moment with the former beauty queen. “Things are going well. I don’t want to really go much further than that. But she’s fantastic. She’s great. We’re having a lot of fun together,” he continued. “I’m excited for the future, but I’m not ready to say that she’s the one or anything like that.”

Thistle aside, it looks like Dean is doing A-OK.