Heating up or cooling down? Bachelorette star Hannah Brown had a steamy relationship with contestant Tyler C. all season, but she might not want to go all the way. In a new teaser for the July 15 episode, the Alabama beauty can be seen telling the Florida native that she doesn’t want to go to the fantasy suite with him. Give us a moment while we pick up our jaws that just hit the floor …

“I feel like our relationship has been so fun, so easy getting to know each other,” the leading lady explains to the stud over dinner in the sneak preview. “But there is a concern for me about our physical relationship. It is a huge part of our relationship.” Hannah had a lot of smoking hot moments with her contestants this season. There’s certainly no shortage of chemistry between her and Tyler.

The Southern babe admitted that she sometimes gets lost in her attraction to the finalist. “I just am so captivated about being around you and you holding me and kissing me — like, I just want that, I do,” she explained. “So I have to kind of reset myself sometimes and think, ‘OK, that’s great. You know that [the physical relationship] there.’ But like, it has to be more.” Tyler looks absolutely shook over what Hannah is saying — his expression is similar to the ones we have watching!

Bachelorette Hannah Brown Tyler Cameron Kissing
Mark Bourdillon/ABC / Getty Images

The clip ends with Hannah confessing, “I don’t want to go into the Fantasy Suite.” Since this is a teaser for the new episode, it’s fully possible that the end of her sentence was cut off. She and Tyler have had a great relationship thus far so it’s surprising that she would want to pump the brakes before getting alone time with no cameras.

There’s no doubt that fantasy suites are going to be an explosive week on The Bachelorette. We’ve already seen Hannah admit that she’s had sex with one of the contestants (twice) in a windmill. Fans will also see the explosive fight, which is also centered around sex, between her and Luke P.

Time will tell how Hannah’s journey ends!