Going out with a bang — literally! Hannah Brown admitted in a new promo for The Bachelorette that not only did she have sex with one of her contestants during the show, but she messed around in a … windmill? So, who is the lucky guy? Well, fans think they cracked the code. Caution: Spoilers for Hannah’s season are below. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens.

After the Monday, July 1, episode, ABC showed a sneak peek at next week’s episode where Luke P. and the 24-year-old talk about getting intimate. “So, let’s talk about sex, and let’s say you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys,” he said. “I’d completely remove myself from this relationship.”

Hannah Brown Talking to Luke P. on The Bachelorette

In the clip, the blonde beauty seemingly sends him home. “My husband would never say what you’ve said to me,” she said to him. “I have had sex. And honestly, Jesus still loves me. From obviously how you feel, me f—king in a windmill, you probably wanna leave.”

Of course, Luke was shocked by what the Alabama native said. “Say what?” he replied. The preview ends with Hannah confessing what went down between her and one of her men. “I f—ked in a windmill,” she confessed. “And guess what? We did it a second time!”

However, one fan thinks they know who Hannah is referring to. “This is me rewinding #TheBachelorette to find the windmill. IT WAS JED,” they wrote. “LMK if you ever need a sidekick, @RealitySteve).”

The country singer seemed to make quite an impression on the reality star early on. Now, the 25-year-old hunk is bringing his lady home with him to meet his family. Unfortunately, it may not be a happily ever after, though, as his ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens claimed she was dating Jed when he went on the show and said they were supposed to end up together.

“We spent the night together the night before he headed to L.A.,” Haley told People of their four-month relationship. “He told [the show] was just an obstacle, and we’d be stronger on the other side because of it.”

Jed Wyatt Holding Hannah Brown's Hand in Front of the Mansion
John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images

Naturally, social media users aren’t too happy about Jed and Hannah’s rendezvous. One person wrote, “Dang, seriously hoping it wasn’t him. So gross, LOL, especially when she has Tyler, Peter and at that point Mike still around. #TheBachelorette,” while another echoed, “I’M PISSED.”

Bring on the drama!