The drama is real! Bachelor in Paradise contestant Kenny Braasch found himself in a love triangle with Mari Pepin and Demi Burnett during season 7. Does the boyband manager get engaged? Keep reading for spoilers!

Although Kenny, 40, and Demi’s physical chemistry is undeniable, the pair eventually fizzle out, according to Reality Steve. Eventually, the former Bachelorette contestant and Mari, 25, decide to move forward with their relationship. Kenny reportedly pops the question during the finale, and they are now engaged.

Bachelor in Paradise Kenny Mari Engaged
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Kenny and Mari hit it off from week 1 but hit a rough patch after the former beauty queen thought they should stay open to other relationships. The Chicago native then struck up a hot flirtation with Demi, 26. 

Mari explained her thought process about talking to Kenny about her concerns “early on” in the season during an appearance on the “Click Bait” podcast with Tayshia Adams and Natasha Parker. 

“I went back and I told [Kenny], ‘Listen, I feel like it’s early on, I care about you, I have feelings for you. I really like where this is going. However, I feel like it’s still too early to cut it off and to say, you know, this is it, we’re not going to go on dates with other people,’” she reflected. “Because my whole point for going to Paradise was to find the person that I’m supposed to be with. And my thought process at the time was, ‘Yes, this is great and I really like it, but I don’t want to live with regrets.”

Things came to a head when Demi threw Kenny a 40th birthday party on the beach, which ended with Mari throwing his cake in the fire. 

Bachelor in Paradise Kenny and Demi Spoilers
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The reality starlet claimed her strong reaction to the situation was because she was the one who “came up with the idea” to throw Kenny a birthday party. 

“Now whether or not Demi knew this is — obviously, there’s production involved in that element. But the whole thing was my idea,” the former Miss Maryland said. “And so to see her come down with the cake and to do this whole birthday celebration that I wanted to do and that I was planning to do, that is what sent me over the edge and that’s what said ‘Alright, this cake in the fire.’”