The detective work is real! Gigi Hadid revealed she’s 33 weeks pregnant as of Monday, August 31. With that, fans of the 25-year-old model and her longtime boyfriend, Zayn Malik, started doing a little, er, interesting math.

“Looks like someone had some birthday sex,” one person tweeted, referring to the date 33 weeks ago today — January 13 — which happens to be just one day after Zayn’s birthday. Hmm … perhaps Jeremiah’s 2009 hit single was onto something after all.

On April 28, Life & Style confirmed Gigi and Zayn, 27, are expecting their first child, a baby girl, sometime this fall. Since then, the California native’s loved ones, especially her sister Bella Hadid, are beyond excited to meet their family’s new addition.

“Bella is counting down the days until she becomes an aunt,” a source exclusively told Life & Style on August 18, adding the famous siblings “can’t wait” to see what the baby looks like.

Courtesy of @gigihadid/Instagram

“Bella and Gigi recently went through all their old baby photos, and some of Zayn’s too, trying to figure it out!” the insider continued. “Bella knows she’ll be absolutely stunning.”

Gigi’s mom, Yolanda Hadidwas hesitant in the beginning due to her daughter’s off-again, on-again relationship with the former One Direction singer, but has since come around, along with ex-husband Mohamed Hadid.

They are so excited to be grandparents,” a second source previously explained to Life & Style“Yolanda keeps sending her baby essentials, like bottles, bibs and onesies.” For Mohamed’s part, he “can’t stop gushing to his friends” about Gigi’s pregnancy and “spoiling” his future grandchild.

Gigi has spent the majority of her pregnancy out of the limelight, save for a few updates on social media. Instead of getting her much-needed rest in New York or Los Angeles, she’s taken to her family’s sprawling Pennsylvania farm.

“Summer gratitude,” the Victoria’s Secret runway alum captioned an August 20 post featuring the dreamy landscape and, of course, plenty of photos of her pregnancy cravings. Only seven more weeks to go! We can’t wait to meet Gigi and Zayn’s daughter.

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