It’s only been a few months since Halsey and Evan Peters started dating, but things couldn’t be going better for them. In fact, a source tells Life & Style exclusively that the singer, 25, and the actor, 33, are “a very good match.”

Evan is not your typical L.A. actor, he’s from Missouri originally,” the insider says. “She’s from New Jersey, and they have a lot in common. They were both born to perform. Evan supports Halsey in everything she pursues. They love just hanging around Hollywood, going to movies or just staying in and watching bad TV.”

Halsey and Evan Peters
Courtesy of Halsey/Instagram

The couple is enjoying each other’s company so much that things are “getting very serious,” according to a second source who exclusively spoke to Life & Style. “Some of her friends are even whispering that they’ll be moving in together. Halsey jokes that she’s kissed a lot of frogs, but nobody gets her like Evan. She hates the Prince Charming analogy, but she can see herself settling down with Evan.”

Halsey and Evan began dating in September and made their debut as a couple the following month. Though it hasn’t been long, the pop star has had her eye set on Evan for years. Back when she was just a fan, Halsey made her love known for the American Horror Story star. “Petition for Evan Peters to date me,” she tweeted in 2013. Clearly, speaking things into existence does work!

It looks like dating an actor is ideal for Halsey — especially since she’s over musicians after past experiences with exes G-Eazy and Yungblood. “Well, two things: One, I stopped dating musicians … which is for my own benefit,” she told Zane Lowe. “I want everyone to be the best versions of themselves so much that I sometimes don’t focus on making me the best version of myself.”

So far, Evan seems to bring out the best in Halsey. We’re so here for it!