Newly engaged glow or just messing with us? A former Bachelorette contestant may have just spoiled Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor. Front-runner from Becca Kufrin‘s season Jason Tartick posted a photo of himself, Colton, and Blake Horstmann smiling on the balcony of a luxe hotel in Vegas. The caption is making people think that Colton ended his season by getting down on one knee. Caution: Spoilers below!

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“Celebrating something,” is what Jason captioned the photo of the three friends together. While this is a vague statement, it definitely alludes to the idea that Colton is engaged after filming his season. The franchise’s new leading man definitely loves to mess with fans and Jason’s post is no exception. He commented, “Congrats Jason! Happy for you Blake! Big time,” on the photo with a peace sign emoji just to confuse everyone a little more.

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“Is it a Bachelor party?” one fan commented on the photo. “Colton’s engagement?” another person asked and someone else simply said, “So. many. questions. But I think I like what I think this might mean.” Overall, people are very curious about Colton’s new relationship status.

It’s not out of the realm of possibilities that the guys were celebrating Colton’s engagement. He has a lot of great contestants vying for his heart with a few obvious front-runners already. It was revealed by Reality Steve that the former football was seen shooting the finale episode on Nov. 15 in Mallorca, a beach town located on an island off the coast of Spain. Sounds like a picture-perfect place for a proposal.

However, just because the finale was reportedly filmed doesn’t necessarily mean Colton got engaged. After all, Chris Harrison promised it will “the most dramatic season ever.” We don’t doubt him!

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