Motivation nation! Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram Stories to share some inspirational words with fans and followers about making yourself and, subsequently, fitness a “priority” again after life gets you down. The influencer posted several videos giving an epic pep talk on February 21.

“If you’re watching this video right now, that means that God gave you another chance to wake up and be great and tell someone you love them and make yourself a priority,” the brunette beauty told the camera while traveling in her car. “Do something that makes you feel good.”

Jordyn Woods Making Fitness a Priority

She went on to explain that she was, naturally, on her way to the gym because that’s what makes her feel good — but that she had been slacking for some time now. She talked about “draining” work projects that kept her from fulfilling her usual wellness promises to herself, like regular gym time. Ultimately, the starlet wanted fans to know that if she could get back into the groove of doing right for herself, they could too.

It’s no surprise to see her speak passionately about pushing her body and working hard. “I think that fitness really kind of saved me and made me the person that I am today through losing my dad and everything that I’ve had to deal with,” she revealed to Life & Style exclusively in December 2019.

Fitness really was my crutch,” she continued. “[Instead of] dealing with therapy and everything, I just went to the gym, and so not only are you working on yourself to be better, but working up those stairs, that just increases your level for happiness and everything else.”

It’s great to see the model setting herself up for success in 2020. “Ultimately just good health, good vibes, good friends, positivity,” she told LS about her goals for the new year. “We’re going to kick 2020’s butt — new decade, new energy … Just having a good time and being happy and having fun ultimately. Just make sure you have fun in everything you do so when you work your butt off, it doesn’t feel like work.”

Clearly, Jordyn’s got enough motivation for all of us.