Honesty hour. Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is not “ashamed” of her bisexual identity and opened up about coming out on social media, her prior relationship with a woman and more. 

“I’m like, ‘Isn’t everyone bisexual?’” the Chemical Hearts actress, 23, quipped during an interview with Nylon published on Wednesday, September 2. “This part of my life was never intentionally hidden. My friends and family knew. My cast members knew,” Lili added while noting she had “been with a girl when [she] was 18.” 

The Ohio native ended things with her longtime boyfriend and Riverdale costar, Cole Sprouse, 28, in March 2020 after three years together. “I didn’t date girls until I was … right now,” she said recognizing her newly single status for the first time since she was nearly a teenager. 

 The Hustlers star publicly acknowledged her sexual identity via Instagram on June 3 while encouraging followers to support the Black Lives Matter movement. “I didn’t want to come out and talk about it because I felt that bisexuality was becoming a trend [among celebrities], but I’ve supported the LGBTQ community since I was a little tween, and it just felt organic,” explained the Miss Stevens actress. “I was like, ‘F—k it. Now’s the time. Hey, you. I’m going to be at this protest for LGBTQs for BLM. Come join me.’”

That being said, Lili isn’t shy when it comes to her own experiences. “I remember being in fifth grade. I was waiting for my bus. I remember this so weirdly and vividly, just standing by myself going, ‘Do I like girls?’ I don’t even know where it came from or why,” she recalled. “I remember looking at this article — I think it was in Cosmo — that asked ‘Do you want to be with that woman that you’re looking at, or do you want to be her?’ I was like, ‘I would like to be her, because she’s a sexy, amazing woman, but I also want to be with her.’”

All in all, the CW star wants to keep things candid for fans, whether it’s personally or professionally. Besides returning to the set of Riverdale in Canada to film season 5, her book of poems titled Swimming Lessons will be released on September 29. 

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Courtesy of Lili Reinhart/Instagram

“I’m kind of calling the book a work of fiction more so than just, ‘This is all of my life and my experiences’ because to be honest, I find a lot of inspiration from other people and people that I don’t know and music, especially,” Lili exclusively told Life & Style in October 2019 while adding that writing is “definitely” a form of self-care. “You know, I can create a scenario in my head from a mood, so it kind of just goes on a journey from there. It’s not necessarily all experiences that I’ve been through.”

Keep being you, Lili!