All grown up! Maddie Ziegler looked unrecognizable while attending the Acne Studios show during Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday, March 1.

The former Dance Moms star, 20, debuted bleached eyebrows at the show while wearing a daring look. She paired black pants with a sheer turtleneck, giving a shirtless vibe, and kept it all covered with a long trench coat adorned with spikes.

Maddie Ziegler

“Show of my dreams !!” Maddie wrote on Instagram alongside a full-length photo of her look. “Thank you endlessly to the team for having me.”

Following her major dance career, the Pennsylvania native has started to make a name for herself in Hollywood as an actress and fashion icon. However, making the switch Dance Moms to another career path was not easy for Maddie.

“It is hard when you’re really loyal to your dance group. I was the most loyal girl there; I just wanted to dance. And I loved competing until it became televised and the drama started. Don’t get me wrong — there’s drama regardless if there are cameras or not!” the West Side Story star recalled to Cosmopolitan in June 2022. “But it was heightened. I started to feel like, it’s so peaceful outside of this world. I can’t be in this. My family and I really tried to leave for the last three seasons. But when you’re in a contract, it’s really hard. Eventually, I finally got out.”

After leaving the reality show, Maddie became known as a muse for “Chandelier” songstress Sia.

“I think that was the best time ever in my life. I felt like Hannah Montana, like I was living in two worlds. When I put the wig on, I was this completely other girl,” she recalled during the same magazine interview. “It really helped me love acting. It’s hard for me to be proud of myself because I’m just like, ‘Oh, that could have been better.’ But the Sia videos? I’m proud of them.”

Since then, she’s continued dancing — example, her role as Velma in West Side Story — but has found a love for acting. Maddie is set to star in her first ever lead role for the forthcoming movie Bloody Hell, something she called an “amazing” and “incredible experience” during an interview with Who What Wear from October 2022.

All that success aside, Maddie still has a “hard time” referring to herself as a “famous” person.

“I know fame is a very wide spectrum, but still, I just don’t think I’m famous. I see people like Rihanna … I always say I’m ‘well known,'” the Fallout star told Cosmopolitan. “I have a fear of people thinking I think I’m all that, and that’s what I relate being famous to, even though I know that’s not necessarily the case. It’s just easier for me to say ‘well known’ or ‘in the public eye’ because to me, that just seems less intimidating.”