If you’re looking for the perfect tribute to your child to carry with you always, this man from Texas may have just the idea for you: a face tattoo of your baby’s face.

No, really. Christien Sechrist, an electrician and father, has revealed to Buzzfeed that after nearly losing his son Perseus, he decided to commemorate the little boy by getting a portrait of his smiling visage beaming out of his left cheek.

face tattoo

It’s…it’s looking at me…

As you can see, the result is a black and grey portrait of something between the spawn of satan and Winston Churchill.

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Christien got the tattoo back in July and the photo took off after appearing on imgur and Reddit. And, despite what you and many, many, MANY of his critics may think, he managed to find a job and his girlfriend hasn’t left him.

In fact, he tells Buzzfeed he would gladly get it again, adding that his son “loves it”!