Honesty hour. Bachelor star Peter Weber will confront contestant Sydney Hightower during the upcoming Women Tell All after seeing a different side of her on-camera. The Alabama beauty was eliminated during the sixth rose ceremony of the season on February 5, despite her strong bond with the pilot. However, after watching the episodes back, Peter was confused by the person he saw.

“She never came off to me the way I’m seeing how she acted with some of the women when I wasn’t there,” Peter, 28, admitted during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on February 5. “So I am a little bit curious about that and that she just kind of was hiding a personality I didn’t necessarily know very well, to be completely honest.”

Bachelor Contestant Sydney Hightower Defends Herself After Date With Peter Weber
ABC/John Fleenor

Their connection was genuine but fell short when it came to the other frontrunners this season like Madison Prewett, Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann Sluss. “I think we definitely had a strong initial connection, obviously strong physical chemistry. She was a really sweet girl, but she just wasn’t my wife,” Peter said about the 24-year-old.

The leading man is currently left with six lovely ladies, but he already crowned Sydney as the best kisser during their one-on-one date during the February 3 episode. He confessed in hindsight that it was “awkward to make that kind of statement,” but he was trying to be “very honest.” In the end, he “wasn’t looking to marry the best kisser.”

Sydney and Alayah drama the bachelor

The contestant was the center of a lot of the spats in the house, but the true drama came off-screen. Sydney slammed a former high school classmate who shared old yearbook photos of the Bachelor Nation babe competing in beauty pageants in an attempt to discredit her personal story about experiencing racism and feeling isolated in school.

“I’ve been through so much from the town I grew up in and will not allow my story — or others — to be [diminished] because of one of the same girls, with the same mindsets, as the people who terrorized me. Not happening,” Sydney wrote in a February 3 tweet along with screenshots of a message she sent in response to her former classmate.

“The things I’ve been through my whole life for having an African American father and a white mother, the struggles I have had to face, the hate that I have had to fight just because of the fact that I am bi-racial are astounding,” the direct message read. The Twitter user from Sydney’s past claimed that she is manipulative and a “bully.”

The drama never sleeps in Bachelor Nation, but we can’t wait to see Peter get the scoop for himself.