Taylor Swift said “thank you” to people who “talk s–t” about her before performing “thanK you aIMee,” a song rumored to be about Kim Kardashian, at one of her Eras tour stops in London. Before launching into the song, the pop star gave a speech to the crowd at the Saturday, June 22, show.

“I get to play Wembley Stadium eight times this summer, and when I’m thinking about that, you think about just being grateful and being thankful for all the people who wanted this for you,” Taylor, 34, began. “And that’s all of you here tonight. Clearly you thought this was a good idea. You thought we could do this, you wanted this to happen. It blows me away. And I’ll spend forever trying to thank you properly for that.”

She then took the speech in quite a different direction that related more to the song she was about to sing. “But on the other hand, it really makes me think about how every time somebody talks s–t, it just makes me work even harder and makes me that much tougher,” Taylor added. “So it also makes me incredibly thankful for those people. I’ve never played this one before, wish me luck.”

The song “thanK you aIMee,” which noticeably has the letters “KIM” capitalized in its title, was released as part of The Tortured Poets Department in April. While the subject in the song is a high school bully named Aimee, Taylor notes in the lyrics, “I don’t think you’ve changed much and so I’ve changed your name and any real defining clues.”

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Taylor and Kim’s feud dates back to 2016 when the reality star was married to Kanye West. Kim, 43, defended her then-husband after he released the song “Famous,” which included the lyric, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, why? I made that bitch famous.” Ye, 47, claimed that he played the song for Taylor before releasing it and Kim posted snippets of their phone call on social media to try and prove it. She also called Taylor a “snake” on Twitter (now X), which became a trend that went viral after thousands of others joined in.

However, the “Fortnight” singer denied ever being told that Ye was going to call her “that bitch” in the song, which was proven to be true when the full video of the phone call was released in 2020.

“Make no mistake, my career was taken away from me,” Taylor said in a December 2023 interview. “You have a fully manufactured frame job, in an illegally recorded phone call, which Kim Kardashian edited and then put out to say to everyone that I was a liar. That took me down psychologically to a place I’ve never been before. I moved to a foreign country. I didn’t leave a rental house for a year. I was afraid to get on phone calls. I pushed away most people in my life because I didn’t trust anymore. I went down really, really hard.”

As Taylor noted in the lyrics to “thanK you aIMee,” “I built a legacy that you can’t undo,” which has been proved by the massive success of the Eras tour. She’s also in a happy relationship with Travis Kelce, who was in attendance at the London show with his brother, Jason Kelce, and sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce.