Couple goals for real! Emily Ratajkowski and husband Sebastian Bear-McClard‘s “level of communication is truly astounding,” The Fat Jewish tells Life & Style exclusively. The model’s BFF credits that trait as the reason why their marriage is so strong.

“They have complete openness. They share their deepest dreams, fears, ideas, and feelings without fear of rejection,” the 38-year-old adds. “That level of communication is the secret to lasting love.”


The comedian (real name: Josh Ostrovsky) even reveals that he’s been asking the dynamic duo for advice while social distancing together in Los Angeles. “Yeah, duh, we [are quarantining together] (Emily and her husband, me and my wife) so we discuss everything,” he raves. “It’s full-time adult slumber party vibes.”

It’s no surprise the meme master has only positive things to say about the couple — he and Emily, 28, are incredibly close. “We basically have figured out that we’re the exact same person, but in COMPLETELY different bodies,” he explains. “One of us is a supermodel, the other is a fat Z-lister. But we’re both outspoken, fearless, and constantly underestimated.”

That’s the tea. The brunette beauty has always been vocal about her perspectives on life, love and society — and she’s definitely not afraid to talk seriously about her marriage. In fact, she told fellow model and close pal Ashley Graham how she knew the film producer was “The One.”

“Because I love him so much and he scares me a lot, which I think is also a way that you know,” she said about her beau during Ash’s “Pretty Big Deal” podcast in November 2019.

Emily added, “Because if you’re scared of someone and also love them, that means the love is real big because you’re putting away your own fears to be with someone. And we just knew. There was sort of a moment of, ‘We’re gonna make a family,’ just us two, I’m not talking about kids. A partnership.”

Considering Emily, Josh and their significant others have been in tight quarters lately, we bet there has been quite a bit of couple wisdom floating around out there. Stay safe, you lovebirds!

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Reporting by Diana Cooper