Everyone, please stand for the queen. Selling the O.C. is currently on everyone’s binge list, and there is one cast member who is to thank for that: Alex Hall. Why are fans loving the brunette bombshell? Keep reading to learn more about the luxury realtor!

Alex Hall Is An Established Realtor.

The Netflix star opened up the Selling Sunset spinoff show during its opening scene, so fans knew the queen of the office was right away. Not only does she close multimillion-dollar deals on Southern California homes but also ranks top-tier in Orange County’s real estate pool, according to the Oppenheim Group website

Alex Hall Is Selling Sunset O.C.'s Boss B: Everything to Know About the Luxury Realtor

Is Alex Hall Married?

Although her relationship status is up in the air, Alex went on a date with a man named Jeremy and seemed to be smitten over the bachelor. However, fans only got a glimpse into their date and a phone call, so you can put her relationship status as TBD. During an August 2022 Instagram Q&A, a fan asked for an update on her love life, to which she responded, “Just these two loves currently,” alongside a snapshot with her children.

However, she revealed that she was once married, during a confessional clip. The Orange County native was in a seven-year marriage with ex-husband Neil Flores, with whom she shares her son and daughter.

Who Does Alex Hall Feud With on the Show?

Having a strong and confident personality sometimes threatens others, and that seemed to be the case on Selling the O.C. While she shares strong relationships with costars like Brandi Marshall, Austin Victoria and Polly Brindle … other Oppenheim Group realtors don’t mesh well with her.

Although Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis share the same first name as her, that’s basically the only thing they have in common. The Alex trio drama was one of the main feuds throughout the season and stemmed from an alleged rumor. Rose claimed Alex started a rumor that she slept with a client to close a deal, however, she denied she made that statement. 

Alex also had a feud with costar Gio Helou throughout the season and had a clear professional competition with one another. She referred to him as a “tool,” while he claimed that Alex “likes the sound of hearing her own voice.” However, the duo is seemingly on better terms after the pair hinted on an Instagram Stories that they’re going to tag team on a property during season 2.