There’s a new set of realtors in town. Selling the O.C. premiered on Wednesday, August 24, and fans have been introduced to a handful of spunky, driven and big personality realtors at the Oppenheim Group. Self-proclaimed “top dog” of the office, Gio Helou, made his presence known in the early minutes of the first episode, but who is the luxury realtor? Keep reading to learn more about Gio Helou!

How Long Has Gio Helou Been a Realtor?

The Southern California native is an established luxury realtor that specializes in Newport Beach properties, which happens to be where he lives, too. “I really just wanna show everyone that this is the level I play in and to not f–k with me,” he said during a confessional. 

His biggest career achievement was closing a $12 million deal at the O Group, according to an August 2022 interview with People. “I got to ring the bell 12 times … one for each million” he gushed to the outlet.

Selling Sunset O.C.' Star Gio Helou
Tyler Golden/Netflix

Is Gio Helou Married?

Gio is a happily married man to his wife, Tiffany Helou. Fans met his lady in the show after she had an awkwardly silent encounter with Selling the O.C. bombshell Alex Hall

After Tiffany felt like Alex “snubbed” her at an Oppenheim Group event, Gio quickly came to her defense and approached his costar about her alleged behavior… which became an ongoing argument between the two. 

Later in the season, the couple hosted a poker night at their extravagant harborside home, where the entire cast was able to see their abode before major drama went down. 

Who Is Gio Helou’s Mother?

His mother, Lisa Helou, is also an accomplished Southern California luxury realtor and has clearly passed on her real estate wisdom and work ethic down to her son … as well as her fashion sense. 

Lisa made multiple appearances on the hit Netflix series, from supporting Gio’s showings to giving other O Group realtors advice — and there’s a big reason for that. Although it wasn’t stated on the show, Lisa is also a realtor at the Oppenheim Group O.C. office and is her son’s coworker. 

Her Instagram is filled with work content and openings listed under the brokerage owned by Jason Oppenheim and Brett Oppenheim. “Be kind to everyone. Do things that give you purpose. Take your life and make it the best story,” she captioned her August 2022 Instagram photo with Jason at their office’s grand opening party. “Good energy is infectious! The more positive you are the more doors will open!”