Sofia Richie’s husband, Elliot Grange, is close to his family – just like his A-list Mrs.! While the music executive has a strong bond with his father, Lucian Grainge, his mother, Samantha Berg, sadly died shortly after his birth. Keep reading to learn more about Elliot’s late mother, Samantha.

When Did Elliot Grainge’s Mom Samantha Berg Die?

Samantha suffered an amniotic fluid embolism while giving birth to Elliot in 1993, which put her in a coma that led to her tragic death. She was in a “waking coma” where she still had her hearing senses and knew her surroundings but was not able to talk.

Was Elliot Grainge’s Mom Samantha Berg Married to His Dad Lucious?

The Northeastern alum’s parents got married in 1993, just one year after they first met.

Where Did Sofia Richie, Elliot Grainge Get Married? Ceremony Location
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Does Elliot Grainge Have a Stepmom?

Elliot’s dad went on to remarry wife Caroline Grainge in 2002 and ​they are still happily together.

When Did Elliot Grainge Get Married to Sofia Richie?

The 10K Projects independent ​record label founder wed the youngest daughter of Lionel Richie on April 22, 2023, in the South of France. The newlyweds ​tied the knot after more than two years of dating and one year after Elliot proposed to Sofia.

Elliot is a man of few words, so his A-list lady gushed over the big day for the both of them.

“I am so excited to be married, just because I’m marrying Elliot. He’s like the man of my dreams,” Sofia told Vogue in a video on the day of their wedding.

She later shared a heartfelt message via Instagram alongside the most precious wedding photos.

“Marry your best friend!!! I want to thank Virginie, Olivia, and all of my Chanel family for helping make my wedding dress so special. I felt like a princess, and I will forever be grateful for them and this experience,” she wrote in her April 2023 post.

Do Elliot Grainge and Sofia Richie’s Parents Get Along?

Not only do their highly respected parents get along, but they are friends!

Lionel and Lucious, who is the CEO of Universal Music Group, worked together for decades before their children decided to get married.

In fact, a source exclusively told Life & Style in April 2021 that Sofia’s family “approved” of Elliot and their relationship.

“Everyone loves him for her,” the insider said, while noting that the famous family was “looking forward to a fun, drama-free summer with Elliot” as they spent a sunny getaway together.