Week 2 was wild on The Bachelorette. A few of the guys made a serious impression on Hannah Brown while others fell flat. The May 20 episode was filled with drama, contestants in speedos and some romantic connections.

This week, Matthew, Connor and Daron were sent packing, but the former beauty queen‘s journey to find love is just getting started. Keep reading for the full recap!

Hannah Brown bachelorette week 2 contestants falling in love

The episode kicked off with Grant, Luke S., Mike, Jed, Jonathan, John Paul Jones, Dylan and Luke P. invited on a group date. The reality studs competed in a “Mr. Right pageant” that consisted of a swimsuit and talent portion. Hannah had a great time with celebrity guests Miss J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model and drag queens Alaska and Alyssa Edwards.

Jed Bachelorette speedo stripping mr right pageant hannah brown

Luke’s talent included telling Hannah that he’s already “starting to fall in love” with her. The other people on the date were not buying his bold statement but the leading lady said she “believed him.”

Luke P. took home the “Mr. Right” sash, but Jed ended up charming the Alabama beauty and scoring the date rose. She said that he “shined the brightest” during the group date. Aw!

Hannah Brown contestant Tyler bachelorette one on one date bachelor mansion

The first one-on-one date of the season went to Tyler. The Florida native ~took off~ with Hannah on a helicopter ride followed by riding ATVs. They had in-depth conversations about “dropping walls” and seemed to really connect. It paid off because he walked away from the date with a rose. “I appreciate you being your true self … I can’t wait to get to know what makes Tyler, Tyler,” she said at the end of the evening. They sealed the date with a kiss.

Hannah Brown Tyler contestant first one on one date rose bachelor bachelorette

The final group date was about getting love “on the right track” which meant a roller derby. We truly didn’t see that one coming. Daron, Tyler C., Dustin, Garrett, Kevin, Joey, Devin, Peter, Matteo and Connor J. all joined in on the fun.

It was a rough ride (literally) and the “Derby Dudes” ended up falling all over the place. Most of them had a good attitude but unfortunately, Dustin got actually injured his ankle during the date. It actually worked out for the best because he got some much needed one-on-one with Hannah where they did some smooching.

Hannah Brown Dustin bachelorette roller skating week 2

Earlier in the episode, the guys were a bit annoyed with Luke. However, the real drama unfolded with Cam. The Texas native wasn’t on any date cards this week. Instead, he decided to crash the group date that he wasn’t invited to. He blamed his actions on his motto “ABC” which means “Always Be Cam.” The other contestants were not here for him.

Cam the Bachelorette group date crashing hannah brown

“I left the mansion tonight to come and see Hannah,” Cam said in a private interview. “I wanted to reaffirm my intentions with her … She’s looking for a man who’s going to be bold.” Many of the other contestants on the date confronted the Texas native about his actions but he remained completely unbothered.

At the end of the night, Dustin made the biggest impression on the former beauty queen and he was given the date rose.

Hannah Brown bachelorette rose ceremony week 2

The final rose ceremony started on an emotional note. “I’m so sorry,” Hannah said through tears at the beginning of the evening. “This is me right now. I just get overwhelmed by emotions and just how lucky I am. It’s also scary and it’s hard to make decisions when I don’t know you all that well, as much as I’d like to. Love can be messy. Love can be something you just have to roll with, but I want to find Mr. Right at the end of all of this.”

Cam once again ruffled some feathers when he invited Hannah and Kevin to sit inside a heart made of rose petals. The three awkwardly ate chicken nuggets and it was definitely an unforgettable moment. He keeps pissing people off but “ABC,” right?

Another uncomfortable love triangle formed between Hannah, Luke P. and Jed when the country music artist walked in on a very saucy scene. Hannah and Luke were giving each other ~massages~ when Jed popped in and saw Hannah very flustered and Luke shirtless. It was … not great.

Hannah B. Jed Luke P the bachelorette week 2 rose ceremony

However, Hannah admitted to Jed that she was a bit embarrassed by what happened and he was actually very cool about it. The two smoothed things over and seemed A-OK.

After the rose ceremony, Luke P. snuck away to score an extra makeout sesh with Hannah. “Everything I’m telling you is 100 percent real I promise … I don’t want you to have any fear in this with me,” he said.

Hannah Brown Luke P makeout rose ceremony week 2 who went home

Whew! There was a lot to unpack this week and it looks like things are just going to get crazier. If you can’t wait any longer: See season spoilers here!