“[Taking Selfies] is the Purpose of Life”11 of the Most Ridiculous Things Kim Kardashian Has Ever Said

On last night's riveting episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we got a closer look at just how obsessed Kim Kardashian is with taking selfies during the family Thailand trip.

Seriously, it was life changing.

"She is obsessed with taking pictures – totally normal!" Khloé complained about her sister. "We're watching like fire-eating people, it's like a cool once-in-a-lifetime thing to witness, and instead of being in the moment Kim is taking selfies.

"I don't even know – I'm so over the f**king selfies," an annoyed Khloé continued.

We, like, really hope KoKo knows Kim was only trying to make the "ultimate Thailand selfie book" (her words, not ours) for Kanye West. Priorities, people!

Oh, and Kim had a response about her selfie obsession: "[Taking selfies] is the purpose of life," she told her assistant.

Bless her.

This leads us to…10 more of the most ridiculous things Kim Kardashian has ever said. ENJOY.