Cute couple alert? Andrew Spencer and Teddi Wright instantly connect during season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise, but will their love last? Keep reading to see spoilers about if they get engaged or split. 

Do Bachelor in Paradise’s Andrew Spencer and Teddi Wright Get Engaged?

Although Spencer, 27, and Teddi, 25, sparked a romance on the beach in Mexico, it fizzled out quickly. The pair were both part of the original cast and met during week 1 — and they even went on the first date of the season. 

However, after Andrew gives Teddi a rose during the first rose ceremony, she decided to self-eliminate and go home. The former contestant from Clayton Echard’s season simply “wasn’t feeling it” with the former football player. 

“I really do like Andrew, but I don’t think we’re in the same place as some people that are coupling up a bit more,” Teddi shared during the show, noting that she was “trying to stay open to the process.”

Why Do Bachelor in Paradise’s Andrew Spencer and Teddi Wright Split?

It seems as though Teddi did not click with Andrew as well as she was hoping and opted to end things before their romance progressed any further. “I really didn’t want to come,” she told him during the third episode of season 8. “I came because I wanted to meet you.”

Even so, that wasn’t enough, and Teddi spoke with producers before leaving and not saying goodbye to anyone on the beach.

“I feel so bad. Like, I just want to go now. I know you wanted me to find love here and I get that, but, like, I’m just not. I want to go,” Teddi told the cameras. “I’m not going in there and doing a big goodbye with everyone.”

While on the beach, Andrew also had flings with Brittany Galvin, Jessenia Cruz, and Ency Abedin, but it appeared that he still had feelings for Teddi.

“My heart’s still with someone else,” he told Jessenia during season 8, episode 14, which aired on November 15. “I have nothing here. And I tried. I tried. I tried with you. I tried with Brittany. I tried with Ency.”

Fans have actually been shipping the Bachelor Nation pair for quite some time, thanks to Andrew admitting he had a huge crush on Teddi after seeing her on season 26 of The Bachelor, where she was eliminated during week 7.

“I don’t want to put any more pressure on the situation than it already is,” Andrew told Entertainment Tonight on September 23, adding that he “definitely” had interest in pursuing Teddi. “I just want to meet very genuinely and [have] no expectations.”

Before the season, the feeling was definitely mutual. The nurse told the outlet that Andrew’s personality type was one that she “usually gravitates toward.”

“I’m coming in very fresh. I’m gonna meet all of them on the sand,” Teddi coyly said. “I do love guys that are really goofy, really funny, so I think I’m probably gonna gravitate towards the guys that probably have bigger personalities here.”

Both of the contestants acknowledged that they learned a lot from their past stints in the reality dating franchise.

Andrew, who previously appeared on The Bachelorette alum Katie Thurston’s season, gushed that he “loved” the unconventional dating process and couldn’t wait to do it again. “[Paradise] gives me more time with someone that I wouldn’t get in the regular world,” he explained. “So I definitely had to give it a shot. I was still single.”

For her part, Teddi said she “learned … what I want and what I don’t want in a man,” adding, “I just feel ready now … I feel like I have a lot more confidence in myself and a lot more love for myself, so now I feel like I know what I deserve. I’m not gonna settle. I’m just ready to find love, hopefully get engaged.”

Are Bachelor in Paradise’s Andrew Spencer and Teddi Wright Still Together?

Andrew and Teddi broke things off during season 8, but that doesn’t mean they won’t rekindle things post-filming.

During the 14th episode of the season, Andrew revealed that he still had feelings for Teddi. “I can’t move on until I get clarity,” he shared. “I don’t have it.”

Their relationship must not have ended on bad terms because they still follow each other on Instagram.