Is he in the running? Bachelorette star Katie Thurston revealed if she thinks former contestant Andrew Spencer should be the next Bachelor after their tearful goodbye during week 7. 

The Washington native, 30, “liked” a bunch of tweets about the football player, 26, following his dramatic exit.

“Andrew for Bachelor? Too soon?” someone questioned in a tweet that Katie gave a thumbs up. “Andrew is amazing. You were great with your feelings toward him #AndrewForNextBachelor,” another user wrote, which the leading lady also “liked.”

Bachelorette Katie Thurston Shades Greg Grippo Before Hometowns Blake Moynes Michael Allio Andrew Spencer Justin Glaze
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Katie eliminated Andrew during the rose ceremony on the July 19 episode, leaving her with the final four contestants: Blake MoynesMichael AllioJustin Glaze and Greg Grippo.

The following day, Andrew showed up to the TikTok influencer’s room to say a proper goodbye. As he left, he gave her a note that read, “If you change your mind, I’ll be waiting.”

Katie then rushed after the Vienna resident and asked if he would want to “stay a little longer.” However, Andrew turned down the offer. 

“It’s tough because it did happen. I feel hurt in this place,” he explained about not wanting to stay and compete with the four remaining men. 

Although it was a difficult ending, Katie admitted it gave her the “closure” she “didn’t know [she] needed.”

“I didn’t want to say goodbye because I know … if it was Andrew and I at the end of this, I would be so lucky,” she said during a confessional. “There is obviously part of me that wishes we could’ve gotten there. This journey just wasn’t for us at the end of it. This is so hard. But I know from the bottom of my heart, this is worth it. With every goodbye, I’m one step closer to finding my husband.”

While some fans questioned why Andrew didn’t stick around given his strong feelings for Katie, his cousin and Bachelor Nation alum Clay Harbor shed some light on the situation.

“You got to realize that he just got his heart broken. And in that setting, you know, you want someone to pick you and there are still four guys left, and that would be putting a lot on yourself,” the Bachelor in Paradise alum told Us Weekly in July. “If you go back, there’s a good chance it’ll happen again, like, setting yourself [up] for heartbreak all over again. So I think he did the right thing in leaving and saying, you know, ‘If this doesn’t work out for you, like, let’s talk and see if this can be something that could happen.’”