Looking for love! Bachelor in Paradise season 8, which premiered on September 27, came in hot with new relationships (and drama). Who gets engaged or has a messy split? If you just can’t wait to see what unfolds, keep reading for spoilers about the 2022 season of Paradise!

Who Gets Engaged on Bachelor in Paradise in 2022?

Two couples get engaged during the finale of BiP — Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo and Serene Russell and Brandon Jones, Reality Steve reported. 

Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo Bachelor in Paradie 2022 spoilers who gets engaged
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Fans may remember Victoria, 29, as one of the final three contestants on Peter Weber’s season, where she stirred up a bit of drama. First, it was revealed that she previously dated country singer Chase Rice when the crooner performed during her one-on-one date with the pilot. Then, Peter never even met Victoria’s family during her hometown date in Virginia Beach because one of his exes told him that she had “affairs with married men,” which Victoria adamantly denied during After the Final Rose

It came as a bit of a surprise that Victoria appeared on Paradise at all, considering she previously shaded production while live-reacting to season 7 via her Instagram Stories. 

“Have you ever heard of paying for your own trip to Mexico and not getting harassed by producers?” Victoria wrote during the episode after Chasen Nick gushed that it “doesn’t get much better than this.”

However, it appears it was good she changed her tune because she apparently found love! Fans met Johnny, 26, on Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of The Bachelorette, which premiered in July. He made it quite far and is one of Gabby’s final four guys

Serene, 27, was one of Bachelor alum Matt James’ final four contestants. While she was sweet and seemed like a great person, the connection simply wasn’t there between the two. Brandon, 27, experienced a similar run during Michelle Young’s season, where he was the runner-up.

Serene Russell and Brandon Jones Bachelor in Paradie 2022 spoilers who gets engaged
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Who Leaves as a Couple on Bachelor in Paradise?

There are other love connections that happen during season 8. Although they do not get engaged during the finale, Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby reportedly leave as a couple along with Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin

Michael, 36, who was previously Katie Thurston’s contestant, was adored by fans after sharing the personal story about the death of his wife, Laura. His late spouse died in January 2019 after a two-year-long battle with breast cancer. The pair share a son named James, who was born in 2016, seven months before Laura received her diagnosis. 

Danielle Maltby Michael Allio Bachelor in Paradie 2022 spoilers who gets engaged
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Danielle, 36, is a longtime Bachelor Nation star. She first competed for Nick Viall’s heart in 2017 and season 4 of Paradise. The nurse has also been open with her own grief journey after the death of her fiancé, Nick Haag, in 2011. Danielle said Nick died of a drug overdose, which took her by surprise because she wasn’t aware of his substance abuse issues. 

Brittany, 25, caused a splash as a latecomer on Matt’s season. She was the center of drama after being accused of “entertaining men for money,” a baseless rumor that had no truth to it. The Illinois native failed to have a love connection with the leading man and was eliminated during week 5.

Brittany Galvin Tyler Norris Bachelor in Paradie 2022 spoilers who gets engaged
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Fans also met Tyler, 26, during Gabby and Rachel’s season. Viewers got to know him quite well because he was in Rachel’s top four contestants before getting eliminated during his hometown date.

Who Splits During the Finale on Bachelor in Paradise?

With love, comes heartbreak. Aaron Clancy, who previously appeared during season 7 of Paradise, and Matt’s former contestant Genevieve Parisi have a hot romance on the beach but eventually split before the final rose ceremony. 

Season 26’s Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer, who also appeared on the latest season of The Bachelorette, apparently have a fling on the beach but don’t leave in a relationship. 

In addition, fans already saw Andrew Spencer and Teddi Wright‘s quick romance on the beach during the first week. However, they fizzled out quickly when Teddi self-eliminated after the first rose ceremony.