This isn’t his first rodeo! Chase Rice may have accidentally caused some drama on the Monday, January 27, episode of The Bachelor, but the country singer is no stranger to reality TV as he previously starred on Survivor in 2010. The 34-year-old handsome hunk went to Nicaragua to try to take home the $1 million-dollar prize.

At the time, Chase was working for NASCAR as a jackman. “I am in the pit crew,” he revealed during an interview. “You got to change the tires in about 13 seconds, and I am one of the guys that helps them do that. So, that is what I do.”

The Florida native grew up hunting and fishing on a farm, so he was confident in his ability to win the competition. “I have done that my whole life with a seven-mag in my hand and a good fishing rod,” he explained. “I don’t have that out here. So, we will see how I do without those things.”

Chase actually managed to get to the final three by using sneaky tactics and forming alliances. However, the jury chose Jud “Fabio” Birza over Chase and won the season. On the bright side, Chase was voted the 10th “Steamiest” male contestant in Survivor history.

Chase Rice on Survivor

Despite going home without the consolation prize, Chase explained that appearing on the small screen helped him with his singing career. “Playing all those other sports and other competition I have been a part of my whole life prepared me to say, ‘Cool. You want me to fail all you want. I am going to forget about you. I am going to do my thing.’ If I do that, whether they want me to fail or not, they have no control over that, and it’s about me and what I do,” he told Taste of Country in 2014.

The “Eyes on You” crooner made headlines when he performed during Peter Weber’s date with his ex Victoria Fuller. The former flames didn’t know they would have to come face-to-face, and needless to say, the brunette beauty was less than thrilled with the uncomfortable situation.

Ultimately, Victoria, 25, ended up telling Peter, 28, about her past. “So, I want to tell you something, and I am really nervous to tell you,” she began. “It would be unfair to you to not tell you. The end part was a little weird for me because — so, Chase and I used to date. We dated, but I broke it off with him. His lifestyle wasn’t matching up to what I want and knew that I wanted to give this a try with you.” Luckily, Peter understood and actually appreciated Victoria’s honesty. “You didn’t do anything wrong,” he reassured her.

But Chase was less than thrilled with the Bachelor producers for bringing him on the show — especially after his history with Victoria. “So, I told my manager and my publicist, they were like, ‘Don’t even worry about that. They’re not going to do that to you, that’s a weird coincidence, but they’re not gonna — there’s no way they would do that to you. They’ve never brought somebody else in like that, surprised the guest on the show,’” he said during an appearance on Fitz in the Morning radio show on Monday, January 27.

Victoria Fuller Chatting With Chase Rice on 'The Bachelor'

“So, the fact that they did that to me, it’s over the top, it’s unnecessary. I didn’t expect it,” he added. “But at the end of the day, it happened. I don’t know if it’s the producers or if they just got lucky. I know what I think, but I’ll let everybody else figure out what they think.”

Not only was Chase “really pissed off,” but he only wanted to sing on the show to promote his new music — not to be in an awkward love triangle. TBH, we don’t blame him.

Hopefully, Chase can put the Bachelor Nation drama behind him once and for all!