The hard truth! Kelley Flanagan thinks Peter Weber “needs to figure out his own stuff” after the Bachelor finale, the contestant exclusively tells Life & Style. Fans held onto hope that the season’s twist would be that the pilot ended up with the lawyer after filming. Of course, it was revealed that he’s now taking things “one day a time” with runner-up Madison Prewett

“I think that this whole process maybe got to him a little bit,” the lawyer, 27, divulges about the impact of the show on the 28-year-old while attending Seagram’s Escapes Tropical Rosé launch party at the hClub hosted by Chris Harrison. “He should just focus on himself and do his own thing.”

Kelley With Peter Weber from the Bachelor
ABC/John Fleenor

Peter received some backlash for his indecisiveness all season, which included ending his engagement to fiancé Hannah Ann Sluss, 23, to pursue Madi, also 23, after the show wrapped. Kelley acknowledges that the leading man may need to step back and regroup for a bit.  

“I think it’s time for him to just reflect on himself and figure out his own stuff,” she explains. “What he wants, [who] Peter Weber really is and his wants and needs and stuff like that.” 

Kelley’s bond was initially very strong with the Bachelor Nation stud because they met prior to the season. “He was so sweet. He was amazing,” the Chicago native recalls. She had reservations about coming on the reality franchise, but that moment of serendipity led her to take the leap. “I didn’t know if I wanted to do the show, and I was like, there will be a sign if I should do this. Then, a month ago, I randomly ran into him in a hotel lobby. I introduced myself,” the Midwest beauty said during night one. Unfortunately, she only made it to the top five. 

Despite a few shady moments that involved her calling the other contestants “babies,” Kelley has proved to be a major fan favorite. The reality babe previously confessed on the show that she questioned Peter’s “intentions” after he ended things with her, but the California resident later revealed that she simply wasn’t his person.

“I am Kelley’s biggest fan. I will say that,” he told ET in February. “I definitely had high hopes because of how we met and everything, but this wasn’t meant to be.” 

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Kelley!