Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. is such a doting dad, even when he’s feeling under the weather. He had a romantic anniversary trip planned with wife, (née Burnham), but instead they’re staying home with their three young kids. The former reality star had some choice words for a fan who said the pair needed “space” from their children. 
Not the 3rd anniversary we planned 🙁 Had the most epic trip set for today but Lauren and I are sick and I’m so so bummed. Have to keep smiling though and we’ll get through this!” Arie captioned a Wednesday, January 12, Instagram photo showing the couple on a sofa holding their daughter, Alessi, 2, and 7-month-old twins Lex and Senna. 
One follower commented, “You gotta have some space from the kiddos!” but Arie, 40, let her know he wasn’t about to let that happen. “Unfortunately, as parents that’s not really possible. Babies want to be held,” he replied.
Arie Luyendyk Jr. Reacts Parenting Comment
Courtesy of Arie Luyendyk Jr./Instagram
The family has been through a lot since their fraternal twins were born in June 2021. On June 15, Lauren, 30, revealed that she and her husband would be bringing Lux home, but his sister had to remain in the hospital due to a health scare. “Today is so bittersweet. Little sis has to stay behind for now,” Lauren explained via Instagram at the time. “I’ve never felt heartbreak like this. [Please] say prayers for our girl. [Two thirds] of my heart right here.”
While Senna eventually made it home and healthy, Lauren ended up hospitalized six weeks after their birth with mastitis, a painful infection of the breast tissue that commonly occurs within the first three months of breast-feeding. “Not good,” Arie wrote via Instagram with a photo of his wife in a hospital bed. “Mastitis is getting worse, even on antibiotics. Hate this for her,” Arie continued, adding, “She’s been through a lot this week.”
The couple then decided that their family was complete with three children age two and under. Arie explained his plans to get a vasectomy on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s October 27 “Almost Famous” podcast. “I’m already 40, guys. I can’t be having kids any later than this in life. I want to be like an active dad. So, I think three is OK,” the Bachelor Nation star shared. 
He admitted that during a recent trip to their Hawaiian vacation house, the couple were “a little bit overwhelmed” with their toddler and two babies. “At that point, we were like, ‘This is it. This is it,’” the former racecar driver dished. “I think we’re so happy because we have our boy, we have the two girls.”