More than a decade after Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt‘s breakup dominated the headlines, they’re making news again — but this time, the story is very different. Shortly before Jen and husband Justin Theroux announced that they had separated, Brad and Jen decided to give their love a second shot.

Brad is going through his own divorce from Angelina Jolie and with Jen’s marriage to Justin Theroux over, they need each other now more than ever. “Brad and Jen have bonded like never before over the past year,” a friend tells In Touch. “And they’ve been helping each other through their respective troubles.” The duo has been able to reconnect after the 54-year-old opened up to his ex after his split, and confessed all the ways that he wronged her. The source adds, “She was left speechless by Brad’s stunning admission. Jen was deeply touched by Brad’s heartfelt words and it has remained on her mind ever since.”

The friend said that, “Brad wouldn’t think of breaking up Jen’s marriage,” but it looks like he didn’t have to. Jen and Justin revealed that they split at the end of 2017, though they plan to stay friends. Now Brad is imaginging a new life with her. “Yes, he and Jen had a terrible breakup and divorce. But Brad remembers the good times with Jen above all else. She’ll always be his greatest love — his soul mate‚ and he’s relying on her as his closest confidante right now.”

While sobriety — and his failed marriage — helped Brad realize how poorly he treated Jen, those closest to him say that anything is possible now that their relationship is in the best spot it’s been in years. “Now he feels that if he hadn’t been [drunk], he might have paid more attention to Jen and his relationship — and they might still be married,” a different insider explains. The friend adds, “If the stars align, Brad and Jen could end up remarried.” We hope something good can come from all of this heartbreak!