This Is Why Kristen Wiig, Melissa Mccarthy, and the Cast of ‘Bridesmaids’ Isn’t Reuniting for a Sequel!

When Bridesmaids premiered in 2011, no one anticipated it would become the highest grossing R-rated female comedy of all time.

Audiences also did they expect Maya Rudolph's character to have an unfortunate accident in the middle of the street while wearing a wedding dress — but that was just one of the movie's most memorable scenes that six years later can still bring tears of laughter to your eyes.

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And if fans are wondering why Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, and the other ladies of the popular comedy have not reunited for a sequel, director Paul Feig has a really good answer.

"It’s really up to Kristen, but also, sequels are dangerous,” he said at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. “People always say they want a sequel to Bridesmaids but the whole reason that movie worked was [Kristen Wiig’s character] is a mess and she learned how to repair her life, so you can’t do a sequel and she’s a mess and has to repair her life again. And people tend to think the artifice around all that is what made the movie great, but it was really that emotional journey and so, you almost kind of have to be careful of it.”

We think it's worth the risk!

To see what the stars of the comedy are doing today, check out the gallery below!