Here’s the thing about tuning in to Charmed in October — it doesn’t have to be a Halloween episode to be totally appropriate for the season. Nope, with all its witchy, magical goodness, Charmed is always the perfect thing to watch during those spooky fall months. It’s jam-packed full of would-be villains, dark demons, and creepy creatures looking to cause some trouble. So what more could you want for All Hallow’s Eve? Well, for one, maybe a Halloween costume. Check out the video below to see the costumes the Halliwell sisters rocked over the years.

Of course, you could always just be one of the sisters themselves. If you’re brunette, pretty much all you need to do is throw on some late ’90s clothes from your nearest thrift shop, dig out your early ’00s accessories, and get to spell casting. If you’re a redhead, date your outfit an extra few years out and go as Paige instead of Prue, Piper, or Phoebe. And if you’re blonde, well, find some hair dye or rock a wig — totally your choice. Grab two buddies and suddenly you’ve got the Power of Three right at your fingertips. Oh, and don’t forget to turn your sass levels up to 11. These witchy sisters have taught us some important lessons over the years, but often with a dash of shade thrown in.

Still not convinced? The show had plenty of celebrity guest stars you could dress up as, too. Jaime Pressly as the mermaid Mylie was an iconic look — and one that shouldn’t be too hard to replicate assuming, you know, you have a giant gold fishtail floating around. And who doesn’t right? But whether you’re dressing up as one of the Charmed Ones, borrowing their Halloween costume ideas, or just settling in for a night-long marathon of the series, you’re bound to have a magical Halloween.