Going platinum may be the trend for attention-seeking stars (cough Kim Kardashian cough), but Christina Aguilera is taking the road less traveled and becoming a brunette!

The 34-year-old posted a snap of herself prepping for her multi-episode run on hit TV show ‘Nashville’ wearing a dark-haired wig.

christina aguilera brunette 1

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

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The star is taking some time out of her busy schedule as a judge on ‘The Voice’ to star as aspiring singer Jade St. John in the ABC country drama.

“Jade’s been busy studying her lines. Can’t wait for #Nashville!” she writes.

christina aguilera brunette 2

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Speaking to the ‘Hollywood Reporter’ in February, Christina described her character as an up-and-coming country star “caught between her passion and what the label wants her to do.”

It may be just a wig this time, but it isn’t the first time Christina darkened up her tresses! Back in 2004 Christina was rocking the cringe-worthy brunette and orange look [see below].

christina aguilera brunette tan

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

It may have been ten years ago, but we’re not sure we’re over it. Stick with the blonde Christina!